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Rosa canina mirtillo e goji-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri


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Herbal infusion • Ingredients: Rosehips 50%*, Bilberryleaves*,Bilberryhips*,Hibiscus*,Vervain*,Goji 5%*. Tisane • Ingrédients: Cynorrhodons 50%*, Myrtille feuilles*, baies de Myrtille*, Hibiscus,* Verveine odorante*, baies de Goji 5%*. Kräutertee Mi- schung • Zutaten: Hagebutte 50%*, Heidelbeereblaetter*, Heidelbeere*, Hibiskus*, Zitronenverbene*, Gojibeeren 5%*.



Rose hip tea, rich in vitamin C, combined with the properties of Goji. Vervain, also known as the ‘Plant of Good Humour’, makes this herbal tea also suitable in the evening for a pleasant relaxing and regenerating feeling. Excellent hot or cold drink for energy and health breaks.