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Camomilla (5)-min

Camomile Bio Herbal Tea – Valverbe-20g-20 Filtri


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Ingredients: Chamomile Matricaria 100% sieved flowers.

Properties: all the classic properties of Chamomile. Calming, digestive, suitable for adults and children.


Kräutertee Mischung • Zutaten: Echte Kamille 100% gesiebte Blüten*.


Discover Valverbe Organic Chamomile!

Valverbe Organic Chamomile is cultivated in the Alpine valleys adjacent to Monviso. Carefully prepared mountain soils are sown in autumn to be harvested between June and July of the following year. The technologically advanced harvesting equipment selects only the flower heads to guarantee a quality finished product. The flower heads are then dried in cold systems that preserve the properties of the freshly harvested product. Valverbe Bio Chamomile is made exclusively from the pure, sieved flower.

In addition to its classic calming action, Valverbe Bio Chamomile is also a real help in the digestive phase. It relieves menstrual pain, nervous tension and stress, thanks to its effective relaxing power on the whole body. Chamomile tea is suitable for adults and children and has no contraindications.



Valverbe Chamomile herbal tea should be prepared by leaving the sachet in infusion for just a few minutes (2-3 at the most) to avoid the extraction of active ingredients that could create the opposite effects to those desired (we often hear people say… I don’t drink chamomile because then I can’t sleep).

Like Mallow, Chamomile can also be used for ‘external use’. Chamomile compresses can be made to decongest, soothe and calm all types of irritation.


Interesting facts about Chamomile:

  • Chamomile is able to improve digestion and the functioning of the gastrointestinal system. For centuries, it has been used to promote relaxation, sleep and mental well-being. It originated in Europe and in the Middle Ages was believed to be sacred to the god Odin and to ward off the evil eye.


  • Chamomile is is good as well, but you can also find it in many of our other herbal teas! Discover our online shop here.


  • Roman Chamomile and Chamomile Matricaria: what’s the difference?
    Roman Chamomile has a very different head than Matricaria Chamomile, which makes it easy to recognise. Roman Chamomile is generally cultivated for its precious essential oil. Chamomile Matricaria, on the other hand, is cultivated by infusion and has a head that is rich in relaxing and digestive properties and is well suited to the preparation of infusions and herbal teas in boiling water.

But beware! There is also a ‘fake camomile’, the Anthemis Arvensis. It often grows near fields and close to the real Camomilla Matricaria. Although it looks very much like it, it is not at all suitable for infusion in hot water as the properties and taste are very different from the original.