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Valverbe Draining and Purifying Herbal Teas

Discover which Valverbe herbal teas are the most suitable for draining fluids and purifying the body!

With summer just around the corner, there is a growing desire to get back into shape, shed a few extra pounds or simply take more control over one’s habits and feel better about oneself. Heavy, tired legs, cellulite and water retention can cause discomfort for many women, especially as temperatures rise. In these cases, eliminating excess fluid is, without doubt, the first step towards finding physical and mental balance.


Often these discomforts can be the result of a wrong, hectic and unbalanced lifestyle, but, with the right precautions, it is certainly possible to find a remedy. Read the article and discover our advice for a return to a healthy and correct life.



First and foremost, before any other remedy, it is important to pay attention to diet and eating habits. It is not uncommon to hear that “health begins on the plate” and doctors and experts can certainly confirm this.

While drinking and taking in liquids is essential to ensure proper body hydration, it is also important to observe certain behaviours at the table to ensure we are eating properly. It is good to try to prefer whole grains and unrefined cereals, and prefer foods such as legumes, cereals, eggs, fish and white meat to be accompanied by generous portions of fruit and vegetables. It is best to avoid refined flours, sugars, saturated fats and fizzy drinks.



The correct diet should always be combined with daily physical activity, not necessarily at a competitive level, but trying to improve your daily habits to include physical movement. Taking a brisk walk after work, parking the car away from your office, using the stairs instead of the lift and walking for shorter distances are all good tips for keeping fit and living a healthy life.


The third building block for a healthy lifestyle comes from the area of nutritional supplementation.

This is where Valverbe comes in. By exploiting the properties of plants and mixing them in the right ratio, it is possible to obtain infusions and herbal teas able to help our organism to drain excess fluids, acting, therefore, on weight loss and improving problems and imperfections related to it.




Let’s see, then, which Valverbe draining and purifying herbal teas are recommended for the expulsion of excess fluids!


  • Dreanaforma. Drenaforma Herbal Tea contains Spirea tops, Birch leaves, Dandelion leaves, Peppermint leaves, Karkadè flowers and Pineapple fruit. Apart from mint, which provides the herbal tea with important digestive and hepatic properties as well as a pleasant taste, the other plants are all able to promote the drainage of body fluids. They therefore act in synergy with each other, for an enhanced draining effect. Each plant also brings with it other functions which contribute to making the herbal tea even more effective in controlling body weight. Spirea is digestive; birch is depurative. Dandelion, king of weeds, both. Karkadè regularises intestinal transit. Pineapple, finally, as well as draining fluids (particularly in the legs, improving the sense of heaviness in the lower limbs), has a beneficial effect on the functionality of the microcirculation and is able to counteract the imperfections of cellulite.


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  • Lineasnella. Lineasnella Herbal Tea contains Nettle leaves, Birch leaves, Sweet Mint leaves and Pilosella. Birch has depurative properties; Sweet Mint has a sweeter taste than Peppermint, but its actions on the body are the same. Pilosella is an excellent drainer. Nettle drains body fluids and has a purifying effect on the body, helping us to eliminate waste products and toxins.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Would you like to try this draining herbal tea? Find it here!

  • Green Coffee and Pineapple. This herbal tea contains Green Coffee seeds, Green Tea leaves, Ginger rhizome and Pineapple fruit. The properties of pineapple are endless and it is helped in its fluid draining action by Green Tea, which also plays an important role in maintaining body weight balance. Green Tea also plays an important role in maintaining body weight balance and has a strong antioxidant effect, which helps prevent cellular ageing. Green Coffee has a tonic and metabolic support action, helping us to better transform food into energy. Finally, ginger is used here for its digestive function and to regulate gastrointestinal motility.

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  • Depura. Depura herbal tea contains Dandelion root, Lemon peel, Nettle and Green Tea leaves, Plantain and the flowering tops of Spirea Olmaria. Among the various properties of Dandelion, the best known is that it purifies the body and promotes the drainage of body fluids. Lemon is used to give the acidic taste and to promote fluid elimination. Nettle and Green Tea have a strong purifying effect on the skin, freeing it from the toxins that accumulate during periods of high stress and bad habits. Finally, Spirea Olmaria is used for its incredible diuretic properties.

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