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2 circulation infusions + mug and 100% cotton bag 21 DAYS DETOX – BIO INFUSION-30g-21Filtri 21 Days RELAX Bio Herbal Tea – Valverbe-24g-21 Filtri 22 mixed teabags-Valverbe-30g-22Filtri (Copia) 5 detox infusions + mug and a 100% cotton bag 5 digestive infusions + mug and 100% cotton bag 5 RELAX infusions + mug and 100% cotton bag 6 box mixed infusions for 21 days of detox-30g-21 Filtri 6 draining and detox herbal teas mixed Pack 95 mL Hand and Surface Sanitising Spray with Alcohol, essential oils and moisturising mallow water After Dinner Tea – Digestive-Valverbe-20g-20 Filtri Alpine Echinacea-Valverbe-30g-20Filtri AquaPlantae Mosquito Spray – Protective, Soothing, Super Active-95ml Artichoke & Lemon detox infusion-Valverbe-30g-20Filtri Balsamic-violet-tea-Valverbe-20g-20Filtri Benessere Donna (for Women’s well-being) – TM-20g-20 Filtri bergamot and ginger- Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Bil and Raspberry Tea-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Black tea and vanilla-Valverbe-30g-20Filtri Botanical garden guided tour “Giardino dei Profumi” – Valverbe Herbal Teas – Melle – Valle Varaita BREASTFEEDING HERBAL TEAS Caffè verde e vaniglia-Valverbe-30g-20Filtri Camomile and vanille-Valverbe-20g-20 Filtri Camomile Bio Herbal Tea – Valverbe-20g-20 Filtri Card discount 5 € Free! Carrello Chamomile -Erbalis-18g-18Filtri CHAMOMILE IS GOOD FOR YOU: PROPERTIES OF CHAMOMILE, WHEN TO DRINK IT AND HOW Cassa Chiesetta Line Chilly’s Thermos hot cold blue 500 mL Chilly’s Thermos hot cold coral 500 mL Chilly’s Thermos hot cold PURPLE 500 mL Chilly’s Thermos red edition – ROSSO-500ml Chilly’s Thermos hot cold – Orange 500 mL Chilly’s Thermos hot cold Neon Green 500 mL Chilly’s Thermos hot/cold neon yellow 500 mL Choco Tea- Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Christmas infusion-Valverbe-30g-20 Flitri and a 500 ml red Chillys Thermos Christmas Tea-Valverbe-30g-20Filtri Cold herb drying and constitutional water recuperation Company Constitutional waters Contact us Cultivate for us Curcuma liquirizia e zenzero (Copy)-30g-20 Filtri Decalogue Depurative Herbal Tea -Erbalis-27g-18Filtri Detanninated Green tea Leaves-Valverbe-30g-20Filtri Detox – depurative – PURIFYING TEA-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Digestive Herbal Tea -Erbalis-27g-18Filtri Discount for tea Dolcesonno Herbal Tea-Erbalis-18g-18Filtri Download Area Draining Herbal Tea -Erbalis-18g-18Filtri DRENANTE ERBALIS-18g-18Filtri Drying and quality Echinacea Nose and Throat -Erbalis-27g-18Filtri Ecor Line ERBALIS HERBAL TEAS, CAREFULLY PROCESSED HERBS FOR PLEASURABLE SIPS OF HEALTH Evening Tea Pure Relax-Valverbe-20g-20 Filtri Events and Guided Tours Factory guided tour – Valverbe Herbal Teas- Melle – Valle Varaita Fennel Seeds-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Fit Draining tea-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Gift box Gift idea Merry Christmas Box Tazza renne e Tisana di Natale-Valverbe-30g-20Filtri:- Gift idea: a Valverbe infusions in a red little bag Gift idea: a Valverbe mug and a Christmas infusion in a red little bag Gift ideas green coffee lemon and ginger-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Green coffee, Pineapple, Green tea and Ginger Herbal Tea -Erbalis-27g-18Filtri Green Tea and Bergamot-Valverbe-30g-20Filtri Green Tea-Valverbe-30g-20Filtri Greeting card Herb board game – THE GARDEN OF PERFUMES Herbal medicine for beginners 1: create your own custom tea blend Herbal medicine for beginners 2: the phytotherapy laboratory Herbal mix for Vin brulè – Apple brulè-Valverbe-30g-20Filtri Herbs and Infusions for menstrual pain Herbs in the kitchen Home INFORMATIVA PRIVACY INFORMATIVA PRIVACY BUSINESS Infusion 22 days wellness multi mix 11 different taste-TerraeMonaci-38g-26 Filtri Infusion Chamomilla-TerraeMonaci-20g-20 Filtri Infusion Circulaven -TerraeMonaci-30g-20Filtri Infusion Citrus zingber TM-30g-20Filtri infusion Detox Fegato-TerraeMonaci-30g-20 Filtri Infusion di Natale Christmas -TerraeMonaci-30g-20 Filtri Infusion Digestio -TerraeMonaci-30g-20Filtri Infusion Foeniculum vulgare -TerraeMonaci-30g-20 Filtri Infusion Immunitas TM-30g-20Filtri Infusion Laevitas-TerraeMonaci-30g-20 Filtri Infusion Laxattiva-TerraeMonaci-30g-20 Filtri Infusion Malva sylvestris -TerraeMonaci-20g-20 Filtri Infusion Moringa limone e zenzero-TerraeMonaci-30g-20 Filtri Infusion Olea tens-TerraeMonaci-30g-20 Filtri Infusion Purificans -TerraeMonaci-30g-20 Filtri Infusion Refluxus -TerraeMonaci-30g-20 Filtri Infusion Relaxmentis-TerraeMonaci-30g-20 Filtri Infusion Somnus-TerraeMonaci-20g-20 Filtri Infusion Tilia-TerraeMonaci-20g-20 Filtri Infusion Transeat-TerraeMonaci-30g-20 Filtri Infusion Tussherbis -TerraeMonaci-20g-20 Filtri Infusions Melissa-TerraeMonaci-30g-20 Filtri Infusions MUG Valverbe Kit detox plan – 4 infusions and a thermos Valverbe Kit red fruit and cranberries tea Valverbe-30g-20Filtri+ a coral coloured thermos 500ml kit summer infusions-36g-24Filtri and a blue chilly’s thermos branded Valverbe-500ml Laxative Herbal Tea -Erbalis-27g-18Filtri Laxative Herbal Tea-Erbalis-27g-18Filtri (Copia) Laxative Infusion – Valverbe-30g-20Filtri Lemon & Ginger-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Lemon and Ginger (Copy)-30g-20 Filtri Liquorice Herbal Tea -Erbalis-27g-18Filtri Liquorice Tea – Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri LoveTea – Pure love edition-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Mallow and lemon-Valverbe-20g-20 Filtri Mallow-Valverbe-20g-20 Filtri Menostress -Erbalis-27g-18Filtri MINI TOTEM DA BANCO ASSORTITO TM (solo per negozi con p.iva) Mint Vervain-Valverbe-20g-20Filtri mixed teabags-Valverbe-30g-22Filtri Monviso Line Morning Tea-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Multi box bustine assortite TM-48g-36 Filtri multi-flavored pocket-30g-22Filtri + mug and 100% cotton bag Multiflavor 36 NewEdition 2021-48g-36 Filtri- Multiflavored Erbalis Line – Herbal Teas of Wellness -Erbalis-55g-40Filtrers Multiflavoured Chiesetta Line – Well-being Herbal Teas-60g-40 filters Multigusto pocket 22 filters mixed in 11 different flavours + scented cotton bag + CARD 10 € discount My Account Naturalax-regularity-Valverbe-40g-20Filtri News & Blog Online Offers PASSIFLORA, properties – curiosities – uses Pharma Terraemonaci Phytomedications Pomegranate -Erbalis-27g-18Filtri Pomegranate-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Premium Black Tea-Valverbe-30g-20Filtri Pure Bluberry -Erbalis-27g-18Filtri Red Fruit and Cranberries – Valverbe-30g- 20 Filtri Reflux Control -Erbalis-18g-18Filtri Reflux Herbal Tea – The natural remedy for gastroesophageal reflux disease Reflux Infusion -Valverbe-20g-20 Filtri Relax with lime and orange fruit -Valverbe-20g-20 Filtri Relaxing Herbal Tea -Erbalis-18g-18Filtri Rooibos agrumi e spezie-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Rosa canina mirtillo e goji-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri SET FAMILY CUP BAMBOO 4 COLOR Shop Sitemap Slim-Tea-Valverbe-20g-20Filtri Stress, anxiety and insomnia: herbs and herbal teas to promote mental relaxation SUPER PROMO Cosmetic kit shampoo200ml + hand cream 75ml + micellar water 150mlAP SUPER PROMO kit cosmetics line, micellar water 150ml, hand cream 75ml and shampoo detox 200ml TM Sweet Dreams-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Tè verde e menta-Valverbe-30g-20Filtri Terms of Sale Three Fennel -Erbalis-27g-18Filtri Turmeric liquorice and ginger-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Valverbe Draining and Purifying Herbal Teas Valverbe personalised scented cotton bag – Random colour VALVERBE PHYTOTHERAPY: Gemmotherapy in the Varaita Valley WHICH HERBAL TEA DURING PREGNANCY? ADVICE AND WARNINGS ON USE Wild Bilberry-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Wild Strawberry and blackcurrant Tea-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Wooden herbal tea box Valverbe personalised Yerba mate-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri Zero stress-Valverbe-30g-20 Filtri