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Stress, anxiety and insomnia: herbs and herbal teas to promote mental relaxation



Mental relaxation and good quality sleep are key to achieve and maintain good health. Unfortunately, however, around 30% of people today suffer from insomnia, a chronic inability to fall asleep, to stay asleep for a set amount of time or to achieve a quality restorative sleep.

There are herbs and herbal teas that, due to their functions, can help relieve occasional stress and anxiety, while others are used as routine complementary therapies that can promote relaxation.  A very important concept to keep in mind is that what may work for one person may have no effect on another. So, our advice is to try all the different herbs with calming and relaxing properties combined in Valverbe relaxation teas and look for the most suitable product according to your personal needs.


The 21 Days RELAX Herbal Tea was created with this intention: combine restorative infusions in a single pack, offering a weekly intake plan planned for 3 weeks. The cycle involves alternating 7 different herbal teas, one per day, to allow users to try out the different flavours available and enjoy their benefits.

In this article we would like to present the main relaxing herbs with soothing and calming benefits, used in herbal teas to combat anxiety, stress and insomnia. In particular, we will discuss:




For years, Chamomile has been considered a natural remedy for reducing anxiety, inflammation and treating insomnia. Even today, it is still commonly used as a mild tranquilliser or sleep inducer.

Its calming effects can be attributed to an antioxidant called apigenin, which is abundant in chamomile flowers. Apigenin has the ability to bind to specific receptors in the brain and this causes a decrease in negative thoughts related to anxiety and stress, promoting relaxation.




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Lavender is an herb often appreciated for its aromatic and calming scent. Since ancient times, starting with the Greeks and Romans, there has been a custom of adding Lavender during hot water baths to aid mental and muscular relaxation.

It is becoming increasingly popular to take Lavender tea or herbal tea to relax, calm the nerves and promote sleep. Indeed, research has verified the real benefits of this plant. Lavender has been shown to reduce heart rate and improve sleep quality.



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Lemon balm, a plant belonging to the mint family, is now cultivated and used all over the world, either in the form of an extract for use in aromatherapy or dried for use in teas and herbal teas.

Lemon balm has been used for relaxing purposes since the Middle Ages: this aromatic herb with a citrusy fragrance was already being used to reduce stress and improve sleep. A recent study showed a 42% reduction in insomnia symptoms after taking lemon balm for 15 consecutive days.



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Infusions containing Passion flower incorporate the plant’s leaves, flowers and dried stems.

Modern phytotherapy recommends Passion flower not only to promote regular gastrointestinal motility, but also for relaxation in cases of stress and to promote sleep. Its mildly sedative action on the central nervous system is due to flavonoid components such as hyperoside, vitexin and isovitexin, present in the aerial part of the plant. Despite its tranquillising effect, it is a perfectly safe plant with no known contraindications. In addition, unlike many tranquillising and hypnotic drugs, passion flower has no depressive effects and can therefore also be used for prolonged periods.



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Escholtzia or ‘California Poppy’ is known to promote calmness and relaxation of the mind. This plant acts on the central nervous system, inhibiting the activity of cells in the cerebral cortex, thus promoting muscle relaxation and sleep.


The calming action is due to the presence of benzylisoquinoline and benzophenanthridine alkaloids, the main one being protopine. Acting on the central nervous system, it also has pain-relieving actions.




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Known as a natural painkiller and analgesic, Linden can be very effective in situations of stress and mental fatigue. Thanks to its sedative and calming properties, linden is widely used in relaxing and anxiolytic herbal teas because it helps regulate blood pressure and also has an antispasmodic effect.

In phytotherapy, as well as in herbal teas, Linden is used to promote relaxation and rest, to counter agitation, nervousness and tachycardia, to reduce blood pressure and to combat anxiety and stress.




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The 21 Days RELAX Herbal Tea is a great way to try out all these herbs with their relaxing effects. Within the 3-week guided programme, you will find 7 different herbal teas (3 sachets each flavour – 1 each night of the week), all containing these and other calming plants, to help you achieve beneficial mental relaxation and good health.




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