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Herbs and Infusions for menstrual pain

Herbs and infusions for menstrual pain

Benessere Donna, the ideal herbal tea to combat menstrual pain and discomfort during the cycle.

For many women, the days of their menstrual cycle and the period leading up to it are characterised by more or less intense pain and general discomfort. The most natural solution for relieving this type of pain comes from the herbal world.

There are, in fact, effective infusions that combine the emmenagogic properties of medicinal plants with the antispasmodic functions of other plant sources.

In this article, therefore, we intend to draw up a list of the main plants known for their calming properties and contained in the new Benessere Donna herbal tea, the latest addition to the TerraeMonaci Line. DISCOVER IT HERE!



In particular, we will talk about:

Herbal teas against menstrual pain

So, which herbal teas should be taken during the menstrual cycle to counteract typical pelvic pain and promote a sense of relaxation?

Herbal teas for menstrual pain are special infusions containing herbs with specific functions. Certainly all relaxing herbal teas can come to the rescue during these days of malaise, headaches and exhaustion. It is well known, in fact, that dysmenorrhoea is closely linked to emotional factors such as stress and anxiety. Infusions and herbal teas that promote physical relaxation and mental well-being are therefore essential.


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If relaxing herbal teas affect tiredness and mental discomfort, the new Benessere Donna Herbal Tea can be a valuable ally against purely physical pain, such as the classic menstrual cramps.




Let’s now take a look at the herbs contained in the herbal tea.


Herbs against menstrual pain

In the world of botany, there are particular herbs that, when combined, are able to bring obvious benefits to the female body during these critical and troublesome days. By choosing the right plants, it is possible to lower the level of discomfort and alleviate classic menstrual pain.

Here, then, is a list of herbs for the menstrual cycle known for their calming and soothing properties, which can combat cramps and promote the well-being of the female body.




Always associated with the female body, Calendula is known for its soothing and hypotensive benefits. It is well known that a few drops of essential oil rubbed on the belly can help calm cramps, but it is also true that dried Calendula flowers can be used to make a herbal tea with excellent calming properties. An infusion with Calendula helps regulate the menstrual flow, reducing excessive bleeding, relieves pain and supports the lymphatic system by releasing excess toxins. Calendula is also credited with alleviating headaches and nausea, typical symptoms of the pre-menstrual phase.






Yarrow is one of a number of medicinal herbs that can promote the well-being of the female body and combat period pains. Yarrow is particularly well known for its antispasmodic benefits. Yarrow is recognised for its ability to relieve muscle tension in the uterus and promote relaxation. For this reason, a herbal tea containing yarrow is recommended as a remedy for intense pelvic pain.





Known as a natural painkiller and analgesic, Linden can be very effective against menstrual cramps. Thanks to its sedative and calming properties, Linden is widely used in relaxing and anti-anxiety teas. It helps regulate blood pressure and also has an antispasmodic effect.






A calming agent par excellence, Chamomile is a must in any herbal tea against menstrual pain. In addition to reducing anxiety and stress that can accumulate during the pre-menstrual phase, chamomile is attributed with relaxing the uterine muscles and reducing abdominal pain. When combined with other relaxing herbs it has a truly propaedeutic action.






Often associated with a digestive effect, Sweet Orange leaves also have therapeutic properties for nervous disorders, anxiety and depression, symptoms that can often occur with the arrival of the menstrual cycle. A cup of herbal tea containing Sweet Orange leaves promotes relaxation and helps relieve tension.






Apart from a good, relaxing infusion containing all the herbs recommended for their emmenagogic actions, what other advice should be given against typical menstrual pain?

Certainly given the particularity of the period, a healthy and balanced diet is recommended, which does not include particularly fatty foods. It is advisable to eat fish, rich in Omega-3, which promotes the production of prostaglandins, which have an anti-inflammatory function.

In the case of intense pain, heat can be an excellent ally. A hot bath or the classic hot water bottle placed on the abdomen can ease the pain and promote a sense of relaxation. Muscle-stretching exercises such as Yoga and Pilates can also be excellent natural alternatives for classic menstrual pain.



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