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How many of you have drunk Chamomile tea at least once in your life? A lot, for sure, because chamomile tea is one of the most ancient herbal teas of all times, the grandmother’s remedy par excellence. Restlessness, tiredness, bellyache, toothache? A warm chamomile herbal tea can only relieve these pains, this is the common thought. As a matter of fact, chamomile herbal tea has innumerable properties and few contraindications, mainly related to the quantity of use. Chamomile herbal tea, drunk warm or lukewarm, is a perfect infusion for any age (infants, children, elderly), for any physical condition (not surprisingly, it is one of the most popular drinks in hospitals and medical centers), at any time of day or night (depending on personal needs).


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In this article we offer an in-depth look at chamomile herbal tea, which is particularly valuable for us at Valverbe, so that you know exactly what is inside a cup of chamomile, what are its benefits and where it comes from.


Let’s find out together:


Chamomile infusions are not all the same: type of cultivation, harvesting and drying make the difference. Valverbe is one of the few producers in Italy to cultivate organic mountain chamomile.

Our chamomile fields are at the foot of Monviso; we pick the flowers during the peak of flowering and we dry them using cold technology, an innovative system that allows us to preserve the aroma and organoleptic properties. This is why Valverbe’s organic chamomile herbal tea is a product of unquestionable quality.



Let’s find out together what are the properties and contraindications of chamomile, what are the benefits of chamomile infusion, how it is cultivated and when to drink it.

Chamomile properties and effects

Chamomile is truly a flower with incredible healing properties. The beneficial effects of chamomile are many. The most known one is surely the sedative one: chamomile is often recommended in states of anxiety, stress and nervousness, because it has antispasmodic properties, useful for relaxing muscles, thanks to the presence of flavonoids and coumarins. The calming properties of chamomile are also useful for the digestive and intestinal apparatus: a hot cup of chamomile is useful in case of gastro-ephageal reflux, intestinal cramps, muscle spasms, digestive difficulties and menstrual pains. Chamomile improves intestinal function. Recent studies show that chamomile also has positive effects on glycemic control because it lowers blood sugar content.

The healing properties of chamomile are really a lot. Inside a hot cup of chamomile there are sips of well-being for our body and mind… as long as the chamomile is of excellent quality, such as Valverbe’s!



Chamomile Herbal Tea Benefits

The benefits of chamomile herbal tea are countless and do not affect a particular age group. Its calming properties make it a really effective natural remedy in many situations of stress and fatigue that can involve different parts of our body. Chamomile has in fact a relaxing and antispasmodic effect, therefore it brings remarkable benefits in situations of anxiety, tiredness, nervousness, digestive difficulties, menstrual pains, intestinal cramps. It is certainly a valid ally for a good night sleep.

The uses of chamomile are various and are not limited to internal uses: chamomile infusion, once warmed, can be used for its soothing and decongesting properties in situations of dermatitis, conjunctivitis, gingivitis. In these cases it can be useful to apply a gauze soaked in chamomile, obviously after having let it cool down.


Chamomile Herbal Tea for sleeping

A good night’s sleep is essential for a good quality of life, but often we struggle to surrender to the arms of Morpheus: the tensions of everyday life, physical discomfort of different nature, states of uncontrolled nervousness prevent the muscles to relax. Or there are other disorders related to insomnia: we can fall asleep easily, but we often wake up during the night.

Sleep-related difficulties can have different origins and therefore require different solutions. Even nature comes to our aid: Valverbe produces different types of relaxing herbal teas and herbal teas for sleeping. Chamomile herbal tea is certainly one of them: chamomile is in fact a good ally for sleep because it has a sedative effect.



Chamomile Herbal Tea for Babies

Chamomile Herbal Tea is certainly recommended for newborns; it is often used since the very first months of life, for its calming effects. In fact, chamomile tea helps to eliminate intestinal gas, promotes relaxation and consequently sleep. For this reason it is also recommended during pregnancy. As far as infant nutrition is concerned, it is good to remember national and international guidelines suggest exclusive breast-feeding up to six months of age. However, when this is not possible, it is possible to consider chamomile tea a valid ally to calm newborns and children. Consumed lukewarm, without the addition of sweeteners, it brings a sensation of well-being and favors muscle relaxation.


Drink chamomile tea to lose weight

Drinking chamomile to lose weight? A cup of chamomile tea before meals helps us to feel fuller; after meals, instead, it facilitates digestion because it has calming and anti-spasm properties.

Chamomile Herbal Tea, like other infusions, can be included in a healthy and balanced life program, useful to feel good, because it promotes the elimination of toxins and relaxes the body.


Chamomile Herbal Tea for the stomach

Chamomile Herbal Tea can be very useful for the stomach: thanks to its calming action is effective in situations of gastritis, poor digestion and stomach acidity. Discover all Valverbe digestive herbal teas. In particular, chamomile is definitely effective when the stomach ache is caused by nervousness or stress, because it has significant sedative effects. A cup of hot chamomile tea, after meals, helps to digest better and relax the intestinal muscles.


Organic Chamomile: the cultivation of Valverbe Chamomile

Valverbe Chamomile Herbal Tea is made with organic chamomile cultivated at the foot of Monviso. Our business system is focused on the logic of the supply chain that goes from cultivation to the finished product packaged in filters. We cultivate the chamomile fields with the utmost attention to the organic regulations, we pick the flowers when the ligule, that is the white petals, turn downwards and the yellow part is full, so much so that it looks like it wants to explode.

The drying process takes place with the latest generation of Swiss equipment, through an open cell system: this allows us to preserve the cell membrane and therefore the active ingredients, aroma and fragrance. This is why Valverbe Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea is a product of unquestionable value.


Chamomile Herbal Tea, how to prepare it

What are the tips to prepare a good chamomile herbal tea? For each teabag of herbal tea are needed, about, 200 ml of boiling water. The ideal temperature would be 95°, but if you use a gas kettle you can turn off the water and insert the filter when the water begins to make the first small bubbles. Leave the sachet in infusion for about 3 minutes, squeeze it with a teaspoon and extract it: your chamomile herbal tea is ready to be drunk. Eventually you can sweeten it with honey. When to drink it? After meals, if you want a digestive effect, before sleeping if you want a sedative effect, or during the day if you want to hydrate your body with sips of absolute well-being.


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